Beckett Spins a Beauty

Didn’t see the game last night, attending my 18 and 15 year old daughters’ dance recital. That’s 9 months of work compressed into 4 shows over a weekend. I’ll match the work they do to any other kid activity for teenagers.

But anyway, I snuck peeks at the MLB on the iPhone during the game. Beckett and Lowe were intertwined the whole match. He didn’t strike out a ton, so there was some exciting action on the field I suspect. (Bill Lee, LHP in the 70’s – 80’s didn’t like strikeouts as a fan. He felt they are to factious. Outs recorded where there are fielders involved makes for a better game. if you don’t remember Bill Lee, maybe you would have had Craig Nettles of the MFY not snuck up on him and bent his elbow behind his head, ending that season. But if you are a yankee “fan” (read: robot) then you probably missed that play during that particular fight)
Anyway, Beckett beats Lowe, Lowe gets a standing ovation as he comes out, good for him. Guess he wasn’t drunk.
We are seeing a wonderful season put together by Beckett. Old Tyme player.
Later, Maybe.

The first

Why are you reading this? I don’t know you, nor you know me. Nevertheless (that should be three words, it looks wrong) I will be short, sweet and infrequent.

Today I stumbled on this site that explains, shows and focuses on the Pitch Fx. Clearly something for someone with two things, time and caffeine.

The site is:

I found it somewhere, not important.

Still pretty interesting, but I’ll never go back unless I have both of the two things, time and caffeine.

Today Beckett and Derek Lowe pitch. I hope Beckett is in a pissy mood and Derek Lowe is drunk. Can I say that? I mean, it is pretty common knowledge he drinks a lot, isn’t it? I’m sure he’s not going to be drunk, but that would be interesting to watch an MLB pitcher be pretty hammered and pitch.
I would turn around to the beer advertisements boards in the outfield and give a mock toast at the start of each inning.
This is becoming stupid.

Maybe I will write more, later. You shouldn’t care, because I don’t.